Windows shortcut keys

Windows shortcut keys- Know more

Windows shortcuts: These are keys or combinations of keys that provide an alternate way to do something you’d typically do with a mouse. 

Ctrl + C:Copy
Ctrl + X:Cut
Ctrl + V:Paste
Ctrl + Z:Undo
Ctrl + Y:Redo
Ctrl + A:Select all
Ctrl + F:Find
Ctrl + S:Save
Ctrl + P:Print
Ctrl + N:New window or document
Ctrl+Shift+TReopen closed editor
Shift+PgUp / PgDnScroll page up/down
Ctrl+Home / EndScroll to top/bottom
Ctrl+↑ / ↓Scroll up/down
Ctrl+Shift+KDelete line
Ctrl+EnterInsert line below
Ctrl+Shift+EnterInsert line above
Alt + Tab:Switch between open applications
Win + D:Show or hide the desktop
Win + L:Lock the computer
Alt + F4:Close the active window or application
Win + Arrow keys:Snap windows to the left, right, maximize, or minimize
Ctrl + Shift + Esc:Open Task Manager
Win + E:Open File Explorer
Alt + Enter:Display properties of the selected item
F2:Rename the selected item
Ctrl + Shift + N:Create a new folder
Ctrl + W:Close the current File Explorer window
Ctrl + T:Open a new tab
Ctrl + N:Open a new browser window
Ctrl + Shift + T:Reopen the last closed tab
Ctrl + Tab:Switch between open tabs
Ctrl + W:Close the current tab
Win + Number (1-9):Open or switch to the application pinned to the taskbar in that position
Win + B:Select the first icon in the notification area
Win + Ctrl + D:Add a new virtual desktop
Win + Ctrl + Left/Right arrow:Switch between virtual desktops
Ctrl + Alt + Delete:Open the security options (Lock, Switch User, Sign Out, Task Manager)
Win + U:Open Ease of Access Center
Ctrl + Shift + Esc:Open Task Manager directly
Windows keyOpen and close the Start menu.
Windows logo+DSwitch between Show Desktop (hides/shows any applications and other windows) and the previous state.
Windows +ESwitch to the desktop and launch File Explorer with the Quick Access tab displayed.
Windows +IOpen the Settings app.
Windows +KOpen the Connect pane to connect to wireless displays and audio devices.
Windows +MSwitch to the desktop and minimize all open windows.
Windows +RDisplay the Run dialog box.
Windows +SPACEBARSwitch input language and keyboard layout.
Windows +Plus SignZoom in.
Windows +Minus SignZoom out.
Windows +ESCAPEClose Magnifier.
Windows +LEFT ARROWDock the active window to the left half of the monitor.
Windows +RIGHT ARROWDock the active window to the right half of the monitor.
Windows +UP ARROWMaximize the active window vertically and horizontally.
+DOWN ARROWRestore or minimize the active window.
Windows +SHIFT+UP ARROW  Maximize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.
Windows +SHIFT+ DOWN ARROWRestore or minimize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.
F3 / Shift+F3Find next/previous
Alt+EnterSelect all occurences of Find match
Ctrl+DAdd selection to next Find match
Ctrl+K Ctrl+DMove last selection to next Find match
Alt+C / R / WToggle case-sensitive / regex / whole word

These are just a few examples, and there are many more shortcuts available in Windows. Additionally, some application-specific shortcuts may vary.

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Special shortcuts-

1) Windows + alt+ RScreen Recording
2) Windows + shift + SSelected part of screenshot

Shortcut keys Uses of shortcut keys
Alt + Shift + F1Insert new worksheet use these keys together
Shift + F3Open the MS-Excel formula window
Shift + F5open the search box
F11Create a chart in MS-Excel
Ctrl + FOpen Find
Ctrl + GOpen go-to options
Ctrl + BBold the highlighted selection.
F2Edit the selected cell using this key
F5Go to a specific cell
F7Check the spell of selected text
Ctrl + IItalicize highlighted selection.
Ctrl + SpaceSelect the entire column
Shift + SpaceSelect the entire row
Ctrl + WClose the document
Ctrl + ZUndo the last deleted action
Ctrl + F9Minimize a current window in MS-Excel
Ctrl + F10Maximize the currently selected window in MS-Excel
Alt + =Initiate the formula to add all of the above cells
Ctrl +Insert the value in the current cell from the above cell.
Ctrl + (Right arrow)Jump on to the next section of text
Ctrl + OOpen options in MS-Excel
Ctrl + NOpen the document in MS-Excel
Ctrl + POpen the print dialogue box in MS-Excel

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